Feast Day 2016 photos

Here is a selection of photos of Feast Day, taken by Jane Brennaker from the Long Buckby Photographic club. Thank you very much Jane. The pictures certainly show what a great day it was!

Feast2016 DSC01663 Feast2016 DSC01670 Feast2016 DSC01678 Feast2016 DSC01680 Feast2016 DSC01681 Feast2016 DSC01686 Feast2016 DSC01689 Feast2016 DSC01690 Feast2016 DSC01693 Feast2016 DSC01694 Feast2016 DSC01695 Feast2016 DSC01697 Feast2016 DSC01698 Feast2016 DSC01699 Feast2016 DSC01703 Feast2016 DSC01710 Feast2016 DSC01712 Feast2016 DSC01714 Feast2016 DSC01718 Feast2016 DSC01720 Feast2016 DSC01723 Feast2016 DSC01725 Feast2016 DSC01734 Feast2016 DSC01737 Feast2016 DSC01738 Feast2016 DSC01739 Feast2016 DSC01742 Feast2016 DSC01745 Feast2016 DSC01746 Feast2016 DSC01747 Feast2016 DSC01749 Feast2016 DSC01750 Feast2016 DSC01752 Feast2016 DSC01753 Feast2016 DSC01754 Feast2016 DSC01755 Feast2016 DSC01758 Feast2016 DSC01759 Feast2016 DSC01760 Feast2016 DSC01762 Feast2016 DSC01764 Feast2016 DSC01766 Feast2016 DSC01769 Feast2016 DSC01774 Feast2016 DSC01777 Feast2016 DSC01778 Feast2016 DSC01780 Feast2016 DSC01786 Feast2016 DSC01789 Feast2016 DSC01790 Feast2016 DSC01791 Feast2016 DSC01794 Feast2016 DSC01795 Feast2016 DSC01799 Feast2016 DSC01801 Feast2016 DSC01802 Feast2016 DSC01807 Feast2016 DSC01811 Feast2016 DSC01813 Feast2016 DSC01817 Feast2016 DSC01821 Feast2016 DSC01823 Feast2016 DSC01824 Feast2016 DSC01825 Feast2016 DSC01827 Feast2016 DSC01829 Feast2016 DSC01832 Feast2016 DSC01833 Feast2016 DSC01834 Feast2016 DSC01840 Feast2016 DSC01842 Feast2016 DSC01846 Feast2016 DSC01854 Feast2016 DSC01856 Feast2016 DSC01860 Feast2016 DSC01865 Feast2016 DSC01867