Craft and Produce 2016 photos

Here are some selections of the photos from the Craft and Produce show that were taken by Brendan from the Long Buckby Photographic club.┬áThank you very much Brendan, fantastic – a picture paints a thousand words!

Some photos of the Crafts exhibits:-

CP2016_DSC_1868 CP2016_DSC_1869 CP2016_DSC_1870 CP2016_DSC_1871 CP2016_DSC_1872 CP2016_DSC_1873 CP2016_DSC_1874 CP2016_DSC_1877 CP2016_DSC_1878 CP2016_DSC_1881 CP2016_DSC_1883 CP2016_DSC_1884

Some photos of the Art exhibits:-

CP2016_DSC_1891 CP2016_DSC_1890 CP2016_DSC_1889 CP2016_DSC_1888 CP2016_DSC_1887 CP2016_DSC_1886

Some photos of the Produce exhibits:-

CP2016_DSC_1836 CP2016_DSC_1837 CP2016_DSC_1840 CP2016_DSC_1841 CP2016_DSC_1842 CP2016_DSC_1843 CP2016_DSC_1844 CP2016_DSC_1845 CP2016_DSC_1846 CP2016_DSC_1848 CP2016_DSC_1849 CP2016_DSC_1850 CP2016_DSC_1851 CP2016_DSC_1852 CP2016_DSC_1854 CP2016_DSC_1855 CP2016_DSC_1856 CP2016_DSC_1857 CP2016_DSC_1861 CP2016_DSC_1862 CP2016_DSC_1863 CP2016_DSC_1864

Some photos of the Flowers, etc exhibits:-

CP2016_DSC_1804 CP2016_DSC_1805 CP2016_DSC_1806 CP2016_DSC_1807 CP2016_DSC_1809 CP2016_DSC_1810 CP2016_DSC_1811 CP2016_DSC_1813 CP2016_DSC_1814 CP2016_DSC_1815 CP2016_DSC_1865 CP2016_DSC_1866 CP2016_DSC_1867

Some photos of the Cakes and Breads, etc exhibits:-

CP2016_DSC_1818 CP2016_DSC_1819 CP2016_DSC_1820 CP2016_DSC_1822 CP2016_DSC_1823 CP2016_DSC_1824 CP2016_DSC_1825 CP2016_DSC_1826 CP2016_DSC_1827 CP2016_DSC_1828 CP2016_DSC_1829 CP2016_DSC_1830

Some photos of the Drinks exhibits:-

CP2016_DSC_1831 CP2016_DSC_1832 CP2016_DSC_1833 CP2016_DSC_1835

Some photos of the Jams exhibits:

CP2016_DSC_1816 CP2016_DSC_1817

Some pictures of the Winners:-

CP2016_DSC_1839 CP2016_DSC_1858 CP2016_DSC_1860 CP2016_DSC_1875 CP2016_DSC_1881 CP2016_DSC_1883 CP2016_DSC_1893 CP2016_DSC_1894 CP2016_DSC_1896 CP2016_DSC_1901 CP2016_DSC_1903