Money Raised

The Long Buckby Feast committee run events over the Feast week, and the money that is raised is given to organisations within the village.


Any Long Buckby association, charity, group or good cause that feels it could do something specific with some of the money raised by the Long Buckby Festivities Fundraising should apply in writing (with accounts) to the Feast Committee, c/o Buckby Newsagents.

The Trustees meet every four months to discuss applications after the closing dates of September 30th, January 31st and May 31st.

Recent awards to Long Buckby organisations

We have recently given out sums of money to the following organisations in Long Buckby:-

  • The Library
  • The Sports field
  • Green Spaces
  • The Youth Centre
  • The Community Centre
  • The Recreation Ground
  • The Darby and Joan Club
  • Buckby Wharf Village Hall
  • Mill Park
  • The Junior School
  • The Baptist Church.

The kitty was empty before we started running the 2016 events. Now the 2016 events are finished the Buckby Feast funds are now looking in better shape. The final figure for 2016 was in excess of £8000… which is a fantastic figure. It will all be used for the benefit of the village.

If you wish to apply for money for your organisation and need more information… please contact Mary McElroy (at The Peephole)  or have a word with Hilary Tibbs (at the Post Office/Newsagents).