Quiz Night

We held our Buckby Feast Quiz night on Wednesday August 24th 2016.

The quiz was held at the Football Club, who were very kind and allowed us to use their room , and also provided us with prizes. Prizes were also given by Buckby News – many thanks all.

There were about 20 teams – all with bizarre names – my personal favourite was ‘Universally Challenged’! I think it summed up most of us.

Rumour had it that the questions might be a little easier this year… what do you think?… here is a sample:-

  1. How many litres of water does a camel drink in a day?
  2. Who was the 7th Doctor Who?
  3. What would be the state of a person if they were crapulate?
  4. What is the pub in Only Fools and Horses?
  5. From which country do carrots originally come?
  6. In which country was the first monorail built?

(answers below)

After ten rounds of ten questions each – plus a picture round – we knew whose little grey cells were working, and whose were not working!.

The final result was:-

3rd place – ‘Three Dead Badgers’ with 77.5 points

2nd place – ‘Everybody Needs Good Androids’ with 83 points

1st place – ‘The Rollers’ with 84 points

It was a very enjoyable evening, and our grateful thanks go to everyone who worked hard to make it a success. Particular thanks to Carolyn Hobbs and her friend Paula who did all the questions, and were very able Quiz Mistresses (is that politically correct?). Thanks also to their team of scorers and helpers.

Yes, the consensus was that questions were well balanced… and the answers to those earlier questions?



  1. 200 litres
  2. Sylvester McCoy
  3. Drunk
  4. Nag’s Head
  5. Afghanistan
  6. Germany

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